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The founder of the firm was Walter Ainsworth Cook who qualified as a solicitor in 1887, and practiced under the name of W. A. Cook Solicitor.

He began practice from his own premises in Post Office Avenue, just around the corner form the present premises in Southport. The firm moved in 1909 to premises in St. George’s Place where it has since remained.

In 1902 Walter Cook took into partnership Percy Talbot (who had been his articled clerk) and the name became Cook & Talbot. After Mr Talbot died in 1906, aged only 30, Walter resumed as sole practitioner until his eldest son James Watson Cook became a partner, and was then followed by his next eldest son George William Cook in 1930. The three of them continued in partnership until the death of Walter in 1948.

James and George then continued practice as the two partners, with their youngest brother, Robert Norman Cook working as the Legal Cashier. James died in 1970 leaving George as sole practitioner until Alfred Cook (son of Robert) joined him in 1975. George died in 1979 leaving Alfred as the sole practitioner until Loraine Cook (his wife) became a partner in 1980, and these two remained as partners until April 2011 when they took into partnership Mark Lloyd, these three being joined in January 2012 by Charles Lawrence.